General Terms And Conditions

The shop sells only to entrepreneurs according to orders received via the electronic system.
The buyer will always receive for the goods a VAT invoice as stated in the order.
In order to clarify the details of the offer offered in the store, we are available at the contact phone number (+48) 22 599 61 07 or at e-mail

1. Orders

Minimum order value is 200 EUR (excluding VAT)
After ordering, the customer will automatically receive from the store an electronic letter containing the content of the order.
In case of delay or impossibility of delivery of a package due to a fault of the buyer or refusal of collection of the package additional costs will be charged to the buyer (storage costs by courier, processing costs according to transport price list).
The store can cancel and reject the order without giving a reason.

2. Prices

The prices in the shop do not include shipping costs.
The online shop price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. An order is not synonymous with the conclusion of a contract. The customer accepts the conditions with the confirmation of the order.
All prices quoted in the shop are net prices.
If the order contains no or not up-to-date international VAT-number of the buyer or / and the delivery address is not outside Poland, the customer will be charged with additional VAT of 23%.

3. Delivery options

The buyer bears the shipping costs according to the transport price list. The goods will be shipped within the period specified for the respective product. The delivery date runs from receipt of the payment. , The delivery date may be longer for reasons beyond the control of the business, for example due to delays of the freight forwarder.
When paying by bank transfer, the processing time of the order begins with the day on which the payment was credited to the bank account of the shop.
The courier delivers packages within 5 business days from the shipping date on weekdays from Monday to Friday during normal business hours from 8am to 5pm. Upon receipt of the package, the buyer has the right, after signing the bill of lading and paying the amount due (in case of collection) in the presence of the courier, to check the condition and contents of the package.
Pay particular attention to damage to the packaging, the protective films, etc.
In the event of damage to the consignment, a notification of damage must be submitted in the presence of the freight forwarder. It should describe any damage to the packaging and contents. You should also inform the shop immediately.

4. Delivery

The sale is made exclusively via prepayment. There are no payments “cash on delivery” realized.
The delivery time may be longer for reasons beyond the seller’s control.

5. Payment Methods

a) Prepayment: to the shop’s bank account specified in the order.

6. Warranty

For the purchased goods in our shop, the buyer receives a branch or manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period depends on the type of goods purchased.
The warranty does not apply to wearing parts such as seals, carbon slides, sealing profiles, etc.

7. Return of goods

Companies are not entitled to withdraw from the legal contract.
The shop also does not accept returns of used goods.
A return of goods purchased for business purposes is excluded.
A possible return of the goods is possible only after an agreement.
Returned goods must be complete, with factory equipment and packaging.
Shipping costs are not refunded, only the price of the goods less a handling fee of 20% of the net value of the purchased and returned goods.

8. Description of Goods, Photos, Prices, Errors

The shop may refuse to sell the goods if the description of the goods, the availability of the goods, the price or the VAT rates contain errors.
Product photos are not part of the technical description and can not serve as a basis for complaints about non-compliance with technical parameters.
We make every effort to ensure that the technical specifications provided are the same as the actual ones. Due to changes in the parameters by the manufacturer, however, deviations may occur for which the shop assumes no responsibility. Check the technical parameters on the manufacturer’s website or contact the dealer for more information.